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Adam Dorman

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio.

I'm Adam Dorman, Proprietor of AdamDorman.com; Digital Artist, designer, and infrequent painter & sculptor. I am based in South East London in the United Kingdom.

This site is an online archive of many of my artworks, both commissioned and personal, since I started to design professionally in 1997.

If you have any queries, comments or requests I would be happy to hear from you.

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Latest News:

New skull designs in the shop

I've been reviewing a couple of designs I started a while ago (3 years in fact) and decided to finish them off properly.

So, I'm gonna hassle (and hustle) you to buy my stuff again. It's new stuff, never before available. "Mushroom skull" and "Long skull"


or click on the products below to be taken right to them...

Happy Shopping :-)

Adam - October 18 2012Contact me