Update: About time!

Moonlit PillarsI've been busy on other projects and commissions recently, so it's been difficult to add work to my site. But I had a little time not too long ago and did an interpretation of one of my favourite comic illustrations.

This Piece was inspired by one of Dave McKean's illustrations for the Arkham Asylum, Batman comic. I looked at the original once, before I started work, and then again when I had finished. I think my image keeps the drama of the original painting, but brings it closer to a real-world representation.

The pillars were modelled in Wings3D and rendered in Bryce. The final image is a composite of abut ten different Bryce renders, and a heck of a lot of Photoshop fiddling.

» Go to the detail page to see a bigger version.

Sorry it's LattéI have also uploaded this photo, which was a birthday joke for my mother.

Often I send birthday cards late because my memory is awful. This time I sent my mother's card late on purpose, just so I could use this joke. I think I got the coffee glass from Ikea!

» Go to the photography pages to see a larger photo.

I will be adding a couple of new clocks soon, and in about two months I will be implementing a brand new site design.

Watch this space!

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