New clock: Flip Clock

I bought this wooden flip clock just recently, and decided to build my own flip clock mechanism in Flash. It looked fairly simple. How difficult could it be?

This is one of the most challenging flash clocks that I have ever built!

I have started this clock from scratch four times. I kept running into problems. The clock would flip correctly then a second later pop back to one minute ago. Midnight was showing as 24:60 at one point. On my fourth attempt I finally got the mechanism to work without any glitches.

After all that effort, I'm stunned that the final clock weighs in at under 6kB.

As far as I can tell from my searches, this clock is fairly unique on the Internet. There is a similar Dashboard Widget for Apple's OS X. But mine works on all platforms that run Flash, and theirs is 300kB!

» You can download this clock from the Flash Clocks section in my portfolio.

Adam - September 01 2005Contact me