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Brand new page in Digital Media

Desire of the EndlessI have added nine new images to my portfolio, including one that recently won a competition on deviant ART.

» See the new images here.

New Flash Clocks

As promised, I have added 4 new clocks to the Flash Clock section. Two are new and original (below), while the other two are re-workings of two of my recent commissions (with permission of the owners)

» Go to the new clocks here.

And There's more…

New Bryce 3D Models

I have added two new models to the Bryce 3D section of the site. One is a padlock. This was a modeling exercise for me, to see how close I could get to a real world object. The other is a Flash Gordon style rocket ship for your mini space epics.

3D Rocketship   3D Padlock

» I have removed my tin robot from sale on I am now offering it for free, download here.

» Click here to go to the models.

Well, I'm exhausted. I hope you enjoy the new stuff.

Come back again soon.

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