New Clock: Amber Eye

You'll be getting bored of these soon. I have added another new Flash Clock to my collection. Amber Eye brings my total to 22 clocks.

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New Wallpapers

I have added two wallpapers to the portfolio section. One is in a style that will be familiar to regular visitors. Wimble! is a fun wallpaper that matches the style of Eau? Robot and Walrus.

Wibble    Mars

Mars was originally intended to be part of a suite of 9 wallpapers representing the planets of the Solar system (There are debates about whether Pluto is a planet or not, but this isn't the place for that). I'm not sure if the wallpaper works or not, so I'm posting it here to gauge reaction. I may continue with this suite in the future.

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Chocolate WrapperNew Image in the Digital Media Section

The last of today's updates is a chocolate bar wrapper. This was made for a friend to give as gifts to wedding guests.

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