New Wallpaper: Eau?

Eau?I've gone all minimal with my latest desktop wallpaper. Eau? was constructed and rendered in Bryce with a small amount of post production in Photoshop. It's a simple and non intrusive piece. The render took over 2 days to complete!

» Eau? was chosen as the featured wallpaper on on 20th of November 2002.

» You can download Eau? from the Wallpapers section of my site.

Panoramas Section

The more eagle eyed of you may have noticed the new 'Panoramas' section in my Portfolio. I am experimenting with photographic and virtual QTVR panoramas. You will need a recent version of 'QuickTime' installed, there is a link on the pages.

BEWARE! QTVRs can be quite large files, there will be some delay if you are on a slow connection.

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