The EU "Cookie Law" and me, and you

The EU Cookie Law and me, and you

So you may have noticed the stonking big alert box on your latest visit to my site.

I must apologise to all my visitors. You are going to be seeing a lot more of these popping up all over the web soon. This exists to ensure I am complying with the new EU "Cookie Directive".

I am no longer using cookies on this site. Read more here.

The new EU directive says that I must inform visitors to my site that I am using cookies and ask permission before I set any.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are used by most sites to remember things like user preferences and recognising you when you come back to a site you've been to before. I use cookies on my site in the form of Google Analytics. This is used to track user behaviour on my site so I can see which items are most popular and this data can be used to indicate where improvements can be made to my site. None of this information can be used to personally identify any individual and it is only ever presented as a trend in numbers, not individuals. You can find out which cookies are set by my site here.

Why are Cookies Bad?

Cookies are not evil per-se. There are some businesses that rely on cookie use in a different way. These tend to be third-party advertising cookies. They are set on your machine and track the sites you are visiting. If you tend to visit a lot of fishing sites, then the data collected by the cookie can be used to alter the advertising. It may tailor it to items you are more likely to buy, like fishing supplies. The EU see this as an invasion of privacy and this is the main type of behaviour they wish to prevent.

Unfortunately the law is poorly worded and implemented to prevent useful cookies that do no harm and help to make visiting some websites a smoother experience.

It is possible to easily prevent third-party cookies from being set on your machine and you can find instructions on how to do that by following this link.


Anyway, this is all very much sour grapes from me. And I apologise. This post is to inform you what I'm doing and why, and to ask you to please allow me to use cookies, as the cookies I use are in no way bad, and help me make the site better for you.



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