Robots Unite! Propaganda Posters

Robots Unite!It occurred to me recently that though my free robot model and wallpaper had been popular, I hadn't really used him properly in an artwork.

I had happened upon a book of North Korean propaganda posters at my local library. the most striking pieces always use dramatic framing, iconic lighting and boast of military prowess and superior intellect. I'm constantly amused by the messages that attempt convince individuals that being drones in a larger machine is the ideal way to succeed in all things, and the ultimate expression of patriotism.

The idea of using these messages to encourage passion and unity in true emotionless drones was titillating and lead to these works.

As the machine uprising is almost inevitable at some point, I thought I'd get in their good graces early. Maybe I'll be spared for a little while!

Adam - October 26 2010Contact me