Bad Medicine - New T-shirts

Bad MedicineA while ago I was the fortunate recipient of a successful course of chemotherapy. It took a while, but I recovered fully and I'm here to laugh about it now. The other delightful aspect of chemotherapy, apart from curing cancer, is that it makes you feel just about as ill and uncomfortable as it's possible to feel.

Long after my experience a thought came to me about these chemicals "It made me feel like crap, but at least I didn't die". This, and other observations, then worked their way into the messages on these T-shirts.

  • Arsphenamine by Ehrlich. It makes you feel like crap, and sometimes you don't die.
  • Diazepam by Sternbach. The benzodiazepine derivative that makes you less anxious.
  • Fluoxetine by Wong. It's the third most prescribed antidepressant.
  • Propranolol by Black. Don't get me too excited, I'm on beta blockers.

These are all collected under the "Bad Medicine" theme in my shop.

Some may find them a little questionable, but it's catharsis for me, and I'm sure my sense of humour contributed to the curative power of the personal delusion placebo.

Adam - July 31 2010Contact me