What the heck is going on with Hallowe'en?

Totally un-sexy skull T-shirt

It's Hallowe'en time folks. Or it will be soon. So I recommend you get a new outfit for the occasion.

I know it's trendy to be a 'sexy vampire' or a 'sexy zombie' or a 'sexy nurse' or a 'sexy SWAT sniper'. What the heck is going on people? When did Hallowe'en become sexy? And what do nurses and snipers have to do with it? I thought it was for kids FFS!

Sorry. That's a rant for another forum. I'm here as part of the 'Reclaim Hallowe'en from the Hotties Society' to encourage you to buy my totally un-sexy skull T-shirts.

And not just T-shirts either. They come in a full range of wallet exploiting products. Such as…

There are also a whole range of garments on my Red Bubble shop including a cute little babygrow (for babies).

Go ahead, buy one and stick it to the man (or the sexy girl ones anyway).

And remember; don't eat too much candy. You're sweet enough already


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