Earth Cross Section

Earth Cross Section

This was an exercise in illustration to produce something magazine worthy. I have always admired earth cutaways and decided to do one of my own.

I had help from Dr. Hugh O'Brien, Senior Geologist at the Geological Survey of Finland. He advised me on the dimensions and composition of the Earth. So I can accurately claim that this work has been scientifically peer reviewed.

I'd like to thank Hugh for his help, and all the other educators who have chosen to use my image in their classrooms and presentations.

From the Earth's Core to Outer Space book coverDr.O'Brien requested a version of this image for a chapter of a book he has contributed to. That book is; "From the Earth's Core to Outer Space". My illustration appears on page 62 in chapter 5.1: "Craton mantle formation and structure of Eastern Finland mantle: Evidence from kimberlite-derived mantle xenoliths, xenocrysts and diamonds". Snappy eh?

  • The book is available for the very reasonable price of £117.00 from Springer

With state-of-the-art information about changing geoscientific and environmental conditions, especially in northern Europe, this book's thematic approach includes material on the evolution of the Earth's crust, climate change, and changes in the Baltic Sea.

I am giddy with pride to have my work recognised by, and used in support of the latest academic research.

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