It's all about me!

Adam DormanHi,
I'm Adam (I'm over there, in the self portrait). Web fella by trade, creative by nature (mini biography here).

I've been doing doodles on computers for while and here is where I choose to share my best work. I also run Pig's Ear Gear - my brand for promoting my work -  which is hopefully a more memorable name than my own.

I sell products adorned with my doodles from the following marketplaces:

I am also active on social media:

Anyway, hit the work button above and have a look around. If you don't like what you see, that's fine. Internet's a big place, innit?


2019 website redesign (v6.0)

I redesigned and rebuilt my website in 2019. All design, imagery PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (with just a couple of JS libraries) hand-coded by me (it is my trade after all).

For every rebuild and redesign of my site, I take something away from you. My website previously showcased Photoshop tutorials, Flash clocks, photography and paintings. Much of this has been removed from view. I have decided to narrow the focus to concentrate on my digital design output (you may occasionally see something a little different). It simplifies the site structure and the number of choices visitors have to make. It also helps to remove content that had either become redundant or endeavours that have been abandoned.