Sugar Skull for a Cake

Sugar Skull for a Cake

This was a design I created to decorate a cake for the department bake-off at my day-job. When the bake-off was announced I had already decided on the design, but when I was informed the presentation date was October 31st. Well, I don't hold with destiny, but...

I created a chocolate-orange and chilli sponge with layers of chilli-orange jelly and chocolate-orange frosting covered in decorated fondant icing.

It wasn't perfect. I was unable to get quite the level of finish and detail I was aiming for. It took a whole day to make the cake as it was. The scrolling detail was just too much in the end. I was happy with it anyway.

Many of my colleagues were too; I won!

My favourite judge's comment:

"Top marks from me because not only does it look ace, it's original (and on point for Halloween!) it TASTES divine: the fact it's dairy free too shows real skill and knowledge of the ingredients! I'm so impressed I want the whole cake to myself! Exceptional!"

So to celebrate, I am releasing my (award-winning) design to the public (as originally conceived).


Just don't lick your shirt. It's only a picture!

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